[VIDEO] Take a Tour of the Abandoned Staff House at Sea View Hospital on Staten Island

When it opened in 1913, Staten Island's Seaview Hospital was celebrated as the "largest and finest hospital ever built" for tuberculosis patients, and by a city official as "vast, ingenious, practical, convenient, sanitary, and beautiful." In the mid-1940's, Sea View contributed to a series of medical breakthroughs in developing streptomycin, an antibiotic effective in the treatment and ultimate curing of TB. Streptomycin was so effective in healing patients that by 1961, the main hospital was all but empty.

In this video from producer Amanda Steen for the Staten Island Advance, learn how one of the buildings in the abandoned hospital will be renovated and reused in the community.

The Staff House at Sea View Hospital is being renovated as part of a new wellness community. The building housed doctors who cared for tuberculosis patients.

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