[VIDEO] Queensboro Bridge Pedestrian Walkway is the Most Crowded It's Ever Been

The Queensboro Bridge is one of the busiest bridges in New York City for pedestrian passage. With the transformation of Long Island City from an industrial neighborhood to a residential one in the past few decades, and the rise of Citi Bike into areas of Queens, the bridge's north walkway is quickly becoming overcrowded. Check it out in this short video from our friends at Street Films.

Just record setting numbers of bicyclists, runners and pedestrians now share the narrow north outer roadway of the Queensboro Bridge. NYC DOT must explore opening the south outer roadway to bikes or bikes and peds. There are scores of people riding more because there are better protected bike lanes, the MTA is getting worse and because Citibike is becoming more popular as it expands further into Queens!

The solution is simple: open up the closed south pedestrian walkway!

Queensboro Bridge
Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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