[VIDEO] More on the Incredible Model of Manhattan Made Using Recycled Computer Chips

Back in February, we shared this incredible scale model of Manhattan that used discarded electronics, chips, and hot glue. Zayd Menk, the artist who created the piece, recently put out this behind-the-scenes, making-of video showing how it all came together. Check it out!

this is what midtown manhattan at the .0635 : 100 scale looks like. the meticulous construction of this 165 X 80 cm model took zimbabwe-based artist, zayd menk, 3 months of spare-time-googling and repetitive-calculating, sawing and gluing. in all, it took 263 hot glue sticks, 11 CPUs, an unprecedented number of wikipedia searches, 27 motherboards, 10 CRT monitor motherboards, 15 batteries, 2 clocks, 4 watches, 3 hard drives, 3 graphics cards, 4 audio cards, 7 power supplies, 13 floppy disk readers, a lot of maths, much patience, ‘a few other bits and pieces’ — and yes, before you ask, the empire state building does light up via 4 micro LEDs.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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Matt enjoys exploring the City's with his partner and son. He is an avid marathon runner, and spends most of his time eating, running, and working on cool stuff.

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