[VIDEO] Fighting Climate Change with 1 Billion Oysters in New York Harbor

Oysters are good for more than just eating on the half shell: in New York City, they're helping restore and preserve the harbor. An adult oyster can filter up to fifty gallons of water a day, and oyster reefs foster biodiversity and help protect shorelines. The Billion Oyster Project is on a mission to repopulate NY’s Harbor with 1 billion oysters by 2035, the same number that have disappeared from its waters over the past 100 years.

BOP collects used oyster shells from restaurants and repurposes them for oyster larvae to attach onto, then drops oyster cages into NYC’s waters to grow. Through various educational programs, the organization fosters local climate activism and helps empower young New Yorkers by teaching them about the city’s often overlooked natural resources.

via Munchies

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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