5,000 Defective Toilets are Being Tossed into The New York Harbor, And Its a Good Thing

Turns out, not all trash is destined for landfills. Researchers from The Billion Oyster Project have recently developed a new plan: To save the oysters from our sewage infested harbor, just add old toilets. Sounds logical, right?

In September, the project introduced 50,000 adult oysters to Jamaica Bay. To further promote the vitality of future oyster generations, researchers decided to create a man-made spawning bed compiled entirely of empty clam and oyster shells and - yes - crushed toilets.

To assist with this goal, 5,000 inefficient toilets were removed from New York Public Schools (and replaced with high efficiency, water-conserving models) and carefully crushed into bits of porcelain. Thanks to the unique donation, this new habitat hopes to attract young oysters, fostering oyster reproduction and successful species growth.

Learn more about the toilet initiative and its importance in this video from Vocativ.

via Vocativ

Ashley Jankowski

Ashley Jankowski

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