[VIDEO] Explore the Abandoned Woodhaven LIRR Station in Queens

The Woodhaven Station sits on the Atlantic Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. The station and line were originally built in 1848 as a street grade railroad and were electrified in 1905. The old station closed in 1939, as plans were made to sink the old tracks into a tunnel that would run under Atlantic Avenue. The station would remain but would be rebuilt as a newer and more modern underground station with tile fonts similar to the ones used on New York City Transit IND lines during that time. The currently shown platforms were opened in 1942. Just west of the station, there still are the remnants of the tunnel that led trains from this line to merge with the elevated tracks of the Rockaway Beach Branch running perpendicular to this station. The underground Woodhaven station also had a connection to the Woodhaven Junction station overhead, which closed in 1962, and ultimately led to lower ridership from this station as well. It closed permanently in 1976, however trains pass by it every day at very high speeds, with passengers unaware of its presence.

via Urban NYC

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