Using Data and Analytics to Make Bad Buildings Better in the City

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2014 New York City Housing Violations

A recent study by Sohaib Hasan, the former Chief Analyst of NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, seeks to identify building with unsafe, deteriorating conditions by creating a metric that will help model a variety of bad outcomes at the building level. In other words, use analytics to make bad buildings better.

The collaboration of MODA with the Proactive Preservation Initiative shows how data analytics can help city officials better identify hazardous buildings, and ultimately prevent citizens from living amidst unfavorable and unsafe conditions. This report also hopefully serves as a blueprint for other cities to rethink simple data approaches, such as a weighted sum model, and replace them with more sophisticated analytics.

The full writeup is a quick 5-minute read, so check it out for an interesting look on using publicly accessible data to help make the City safer.

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