Union Square's "Mother Pigeon" Determined to Transform Popular Opinion Through Stuffed Birds

For many New Yorkers, pigeons are a nuisance: dirty, thieving, and constantly in our paths. But artist and animal rights advocate Tina Piña Trachtenburg, better known as Mother Pigeon, is challenging this popular conception by making the oft-reviled creatures the subject of her art.

Originally from Texas, Trachtenburg moved to NYC in the late 1980s and was immediately taken with the flying city-dwellers. Now she carries a sack of bird feed with her wherever she goes, like a modern-day Mary Poppins “Bird Woman”. Instead of moving people with song, however, she moves them with street art installations of her acrylic felt pigeon sculptures, which prove to any passersby that pigeons can be beautiful.

If you want to have your vision of pigeons revolutionized and catch Mother Pigeon living our her dreams, follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and catch her in person regularly in Union Square Park.

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New birds to add to my flock! We will be in union square tomorrow Friday.

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I will be in #Unionsquare tomorrow Wednesday from noon to 6! #Ilovepigeons #iloverats #ilovenature #newartpiecerevealed

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Had a wonderful time in Washington Square park yesterday, today on to Union Square...come by! Also at 3:00pm if you can be at 12th and Broadway today to help me catch a stringed pigeon who is struggling to walk...i will love you. Txt..347-247-5775

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Rescued from this weekend's live pigeon shoot! Gettin comfy in my studio. Please donate to our rescue mission.

Image 6
My little painted bunting flock. Photo cred @jeromestrauss #flashflock #folkart #birdlady #feedthebirds #dustyrebel

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Thanks @the_line_up ....this is my casual garb. #folkart #makeyourclothes #burnyourbra

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#birdlady #folkart #pigeon #pigeonshooter #unionsquare #urbanwildlife #pigeonlady #cardinal #starling #publiccrafting

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