Uber Charged This Rider Over $12k for a 35 Minute Ride From Brooklyn to Manhattan

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"Uber tried to charge my girlfriend over $12k for a 35 minute ride."
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"Uber tried to charge my girlfriend over $12k for a 35 minute ride."

I don’t care how much traffic there is or what route you take, the only way a ride from Prospect Heights to Midtown East should cost $12,142.49 is if you are riding on a pair of Gold Plated Roller Skates.

A recent Uber ride by a reddit uploader’s girlfriend tallied that much for the simple ride. Looking at the map, I guess it is possible that the driver drove back-and-forth on the BQE about 2000 times in the 35 minute span, it just isn’t probable.

Most likely it was a simple mistake, but giving Uber drivers the ability to arbitrarily adjust the charge for a ride could lead to sticky situations like this. What if this card was hooked up to some big-shot corporate expense account? It may never have been noticed.

Be sure to always check your Uber receipts so you don’t get into a situation like this!

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