Two Horrible Brooklyn Slumlords Arrested, Are Charged With Fraud

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Rolando Cajina in his apartment at 98 Linden Street in Brooklyn, which prosecutors say the Israels intentionally wrecked.

Rent control and stabilization in New York City is great for tenants, but generally not so much for landlords in a City with ever-rising costs. As neighborhood rental prices increase, landlords of buildings which have rent controlled or stabilized apartments have to keep the rent at lower-than-market values, with only minimal, board approved increases.

This can lead to landlords doing despicable things in order to drive out tenants and get them replaced with higher, market-rate paying ones. Two of these scumbag landlords have recently been arrested in Bushwick.

In what prosecutors and New York City officials described as a particularly egregious example of tenant hounding, the owners, Joel and Aaron Israel, who are brothers, were arrested on Thursday on charges that they intentionally wrecked tenants’ apartments at 324 Central and other buildings to try to drive residents out and also lied to city officials about the work they were doing.

Check out the full article on the New York Time for more on the arrests or about the deplorable conditions the Israel brothers made their tenants live in.

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