'Tunnel People' - a Fascinating Report on New York's Undomiciled Living in the Amtrak Tunnels Under the City

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Kathy in her bunker with all her cats. The bunker used to be a former storage space for Amtrak.

Maptia, a site the collects remarkable stories from photographers, writers and adventurers around the world, recently featured a fascinating story told by Teun Voeten about his 5 month stay amongst the “Tunnel People” in New York City.

Tunnel People: A five-month anthropological research project living with and documenting a dynamic community of homeless people who have created a life for themselves in the Amtrak train tunnels under Riverside Park, New York City.

The article has dozens of fantastic photos, stories and profiles of the undomiciled people who lived underneath the street of the Upper West Side in 1992, written by someone who was actually there.

via Maptia

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