Homeless, Drunk, or Commuting? Early Morning Subway Photo Rouses Lively Debate

Photo: Imgur

A post went up on r/nyc yesterday of an early-morning capture on the M train. The photo has since
been generating a heated debate in the comments. It all started with this one, from user sethescope:

This picture is apparently some sort of litmus test: do you see a bunch of homeless guys, or several exhausted people going to and from work?. I'd ask myself what it says about us, but it would probably just make me sad.

Some commenters think they are just tired commuters…

Having lived in NYC for 20 years and having taken the subway for all of them, these are most likely just tired men.

I thought they looked like working class people and applauded them for making it to work. Mondays do suck.

These guys were probably grabbing some sleep before starting their 2nd or 3rd job.

And some very strongly think they are homeless…

Couldn't disagree more. These people are definitely homeless. The booze in the brown bag is a tell tale sign...

If you've been on the subway twice in your life you can tell immediately that these are homeless guys...

Ah yes, the least threatening gang from The Warriors... The Hobo Sleepers.

They're fucking homeless.

But most (including us) seem to think they are just partiers!

Does seriously no one think these are just some guys that got super drunk last night and fell asleep on their way home? It explains a lot.

definitely not homeless. dudes in short sleeves. homless will carry their entire life with them. they look like they partied too hard on a sunday night

The guy with the head in between his legs is drunk. That's a classic drunk position.

I see a bunch of guys that went too hard on Sunday night.

But there is one more possibility…

I see a black and blue dress.

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