Trending Instagram Account Tells Stories of Millennial City Life Through Cartoons

New York City has seen its fair share of innovative City-centric Instagram accounts. From @GuessNewYorkCity's gallery of guessable City street art (sans locations) to @hotdudesreading's collection of attractive men reading books on the Subway, us New Yorkers have gotten to see the City through many different lenses.

The newest Instagram account to take off, however, doesn't even make use of a camera. Instead, Brooklyn Cartoons chooses to capture City life through a series of black and white drawings à la The New Yorker, which are shared with its nearly 25,000 followers almost daily.

Many of the cartoons feature irony and dry humor as their main narrative tools, sharply capitalizing on the ridiculousness of twenty-something City life--but all in good fun. Excessive smartphone use, Tinder, Uber, The Bachelor, and millennial existentialism are only a few of the topics that are frequently touched on by artist Emmet Truxes. Browse the gallery above to get a glimpse of his work, but be prepared to cringe as he "holds up the mirror to generation why".

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