Tour Greenwich Village's Old Soul Through the Photographs of Bob Estremera

Greenwich Village photographer Bob Estremera first became enamored with the Village as a kid visiting the City back in 1968. That first visit molded him into the documentarian and portrait photographer he is today: a fellow New Yorker trying to show us just how special the Village really is.

The newer residents are detached and oblivious to the storied and distinctive character of the Village. The just know its hip without knowing why or how it came to be that way. The old timers; these are the people who are the true fabric of the Village and mesh so beautifully with the gruff and unpolished textures that still cling to life here.

Estremera displays incredible versatility with his photographs listing his primary interests as architecture, documentary, and portrait photography. "There is something about the face of humanity that I find most compelling," Estremera says of his work.

Check out Estremera's online galleries for more from the photographer.

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Alexandra Hudson

Alexandra Hudson

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