This New Yorker is Looking to Build the Next 5 Pointz in South Brooklyn


New Yorker Robin Russell-French has a Sheepshead Bay space that he is looking to turn into the next 5 Pointz, a place where artists can have a safe space to paint a wall. Alongside the art, he hopes to also transform the building and lot into a 250-300 person event space complete with a double-decker bus stage, green room, vendors and more. Russel-French knows a bit about this kind of thing too; he been creating event spaces for years: TheRobinsNest, BrooklynsBasement, and MckibbinsPlayground.

The first step is to get the walls painted so he is hoping to spread the word and have street artists get in touch. The best part: artists will have 24/7 access to their space, and Russell-French will pay for the paint!

The idea is to give artists a safe space to paint on private property, where they can paint a piece and update their wall at leisure. I have the space, out in Sheepshead Bay, about 5 minutes from Coney Island. Now I need the artists. […] I would pay for paint and they would get a permanent wall to paint. […] The storage bins will be art exhibits of their own, kind of like 29 rooms. Also it's worth noting that artists would have 24/7 access to the space and walls.

Get in touch with Russell-French over email to get involved.

3146 Voorhies Ave

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