This New York City Beekeeper Tends to Over 50,000 Bees in 9 Urban Apiaries

Urban beekeeping is definitely more challenging than in rural areas, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. With the right conditions and care, bees can thrive in the City, and will produce delicious honey just like everywhere else.

In this video from Gothamist producer Jessica Leibowitz, learn all about what it takes to be a beekeeper in New York City from Tom Wilk at Wilk Apiary.

The Queens-based beekeeper Tom Wilk, whose incredibly delicious honey we stumbled upon at the Ridgewood Market and Buttah Bakery, has had to contend with this stigma of apiphobia on many occasions. "I had a hive in this great backyard in Middle Village," Wilk explains. "The next door neighbor says, 'I'm calling the cops. I can't sit on my porch at night and smoke my cigar.'" Wilk insists such fears are unwarranted. "Honeybees stay inside the hive at night. They don't go out looking for nectar, so you can sit on your porch at night and smoke a cigar."

Check out the accompanying article for more.

via Gothamist

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