This New York City Bar Donates 100% of Its Profits to Organizations Defunded by Trump Administration

Coup is an interesting cocktail bar in the East Village in Cooper Square that donates 100% of its profits to non-profit organizations that have been defunded by the Trump administration. Each drink you order gets you a token that you can deposit into one of the non-profit organization stacks around the restaurant. There are 6 organizations to choose from every month, and the more tokens one gets, the higher the percentage of the bar's profits it receives.

A coup is generally defined as the violent seizure of the government by its people. But what does one call it when the people are violently seized by its government? We call it an opportunity for revolution. From the mind of owner of Ravi DeRossi and bartenders Sother Teague and Max Green, and inspired by the current political climate of today, springs Coup – a cocktail bar designed to satisfy that aching desire to rise up and DO SOMETHING. Coup is a new cocktail bar in the heart of the East Village designed to donate 100% of its profits to charities, organizations and campaigns under attack by the current presidential administration. Coup features an innovative cocktail menu, celebrity guest bartenders, and a tip-free employment policy that allows each guest to take a stand, while taking a sip.

Check it out in this video from our friends at Zagat.

via Zagat

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