This Man is a High-End Dumpster Diver on the Upper West Side

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Mike Felber with his loot.

Hell’s Kitchen’s Mike Felber is part of the freegan anti-consumerism movement that reclaims perfectly edible food that has been thrown out. Food reclamation is accomplished mostly though dumpster diving.

“Fifty percent of all food is wasted,” he explained. “Some of its consumer wasted. Most of it’s thrown out to make room for the next shipment. So you get tons of packaged foods.” To emphasize his point, Felber holds up a sealed pack of pricey ham covered in fruit rinds. “Ninety percent fat free,” he read from under the pulp, and then the price: $7 per pound.

Check out the full article for more on Mike and dumpster diving on the UWS.

via Vice

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