Dumpster Diving in Manhattan Yields Perfectly Edible and Completely Sealed Food

Crazy as it may sound, there are tons of perfectly edible and completely sealed food products being thrown directly in the garbage every day. "Dumpster diving" has a bad rap due to movies depicting characters jumping in, emerging covered in lo mein and dirty diapers, but the reality is there is plenty of good food in the trash.

In this video from local comedian and filmmaker Jeff Seal, see for yourself what types of gourmet foods can be found in streetside garbage bags on a daily basis in New York City.

For many, the term "dumpster diving" evokes stomach-turning images of half-moldy rolls and recently-expired tuna salad snatched from the mouths of gnawing rats. But as many sophisticated urban survivalists know, there is an extraordinary amount of perfectly good, even gourmet, food set out every night in sanitary bags outside city delis, bakeries, restaurants, and supermarkets. The video above shows just how easy and clean the process of scoring great free food can be.

via Gothamist

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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