This Halloween Season, Attend an Intimate Recreation of a Victorian Séance in Williamsburg

The Other Side, a limited Victorian-era séance in Williamsburg
The Other Side, a limited Victorian-era séance in Williamsburg
Photo: Jolene Lupo

Looking for something original to do this Halloween season? The Other Side is a unique two-week microtheater event in which ticketholders attend an authentic recreation of a Victorian-era séance.

In the late Victorian era, the spiritualists claimed they discovered a connection to the other side. Nearly 100 years later, séances continue to capture the public's fascination. but are they truly a gateway to another realm or simply the manifestation of our own terrified imaginations? Join your host, world-renowned mentalist Jason Suran, and a group of 13 brave participants at a private Williamsburg residence as we recreate the work of one of America's most dangerous mediums and attempt to face our own deepest fears.

The show runs from October 13th (Friday the 13th!) through Halloween. Tickets are extremely limited and are $130 each. The include an access pass to the séance and two beverages during the show.

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