This Cute White Fawn Born on Staten Island Brings Hope to Native American Community

National Geographic recently highlighted this nearly all-white fawn that was born on Staten Island, and it's bringing up century-old plans for a historic memorial that was never built.

A mostly white fawn weaves in and out of the trees, her pearly fleece shimmering, ghostlike. Petite and elegant, she inhabits the historic ramparts and sloping greens of Fort Wadsworth, a 226-acre site on Staten Island’s northeastern shore. The location—one of the oldest American fortifications, first built by the Dutch in the 17th Century—is known for being the starting point of the New York City Marathon each November. Her appearance, according to some, serves as an inspiration to begin anew a different quest: A project to honor Native Americans that dates back more than a century.

Check out the accompanying article to learn more about the fawn and the memorial.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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