This 77-Year-Old New Yorker Has Gone to the Theater Every Day for 25 Years

Most of us can barely afford to live here in New York City, let alone go to a Broadway show every day. This 77-year-old woman has been doing just that though... every day for 25 years.

New Yorker Nicki Cochrane loves theater with full dedication. The 77-year-old lady is always ready to fight for a free seat at a play that’s worth her time, even if the venue is fully sold out. For her, the theater is a means of learning about the world and the human condition.

The trailer above is for a full-length documentary from NYU student Matīss Kaža titled One Ticket Please and is currently seeking funding for release through a Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign has a modest goal of $3k, with over 25 days to go. Rewards include posters, premiere tickets, producer creds and more.

h/t Metro

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