This 4D Puzzle Lets You Piece Together Historical New York City Skyline Over Time

Made by 4D Cityscape, this incredible puzzle lets you piece together a 3D representation of the Manhattan skyline, but adds an additional, historical dimension: Time!

The 4th Dimension is Time, located on the third layer of the puzzle. You refer to the Time Poster to locate & place each building on the map according to the year it was built. As you work your way through the Time Poster you are placing each building in chronological order as if history is happening before you eyes! The year of the last building placed on the map represents the year you are in the puzzle.

The award-winning 4D New York City Skyline Time Puzzle is available for purchase on Amazon for just $29.

4D New York City Skyline Time Puzzle
4D New York City Skyline Time Puzzle
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