These Hidden Wooden Markers on Wall Street Trace Titular Original Dutch "Wall"

These series of nondescript wooden squares along Wall Street are actually a marker that traces the path of the original protection "wall" the Dutch built when the City was still called New Amsterdam. Our friends at Untapped Cities recently wrote about them in detail.

One, that has been only minimally maintained, is the series of wood block pavers that run from Broadway to William Street, intended to recall the path of the Dutch wooden defense wall that gave the street its name. According to the Downtown Alliance, the location of the pavers follows the exact path of the wall. The wooden pavers were installed in late 2009 and look nearly identical to the type of wooden pavement blocks that the city experimented with from the 1830s to early 20th century in Lower Manhattan, thought to be more durable and more quiet.

Check out the full article for more photos and info on the wooden markers.

Wall Street
Matt Coneybeare

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