There's a New Williamsburg Mural Painted by Local High School Students Representing Pi

Visualize Pi
Visualize Pi

Williamsburg's newest street art is a special mural designed by local artist Ellie Balk and painted with the high school students at The Green School.

Artist, Ellie Balk, and a group of high school students from the Green School are currently painting a mural on the side of the T-Mobile building at 725 Grand Street (corner of Grand and Graham Ave) in East Williamsburg. Ellie has painted many murals with the theme of Pi in East Williamsburg and this mural will be the 6th mural of the Pi Series. The colors in the mural were inspired by colors in Senegal, Africa where Ellie studied art for some time.

Check out the new mural in person at 725 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

725 Grand St

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