The Worst Train Crash in U.S. History Happened in New York City Just Over 100 Years Ago

On November 1st, 1918, the worst train crash in U.S. history happened right here in New York City, tragically killing at least 93 people and injuring hundreds. Known as the Malbone Street Wreck, the crash occurred in Flatbush, Brooklyn on the Brighton Beach Line when an untrained motorman took a 6-mph s-curve at approximately 30 mph, resulting in derailment and several passenger cars slamming against a concrete barrier. Learn more about the incident in this fascinating video from the New York Post.

It was a tragedy so horrific that the name of the street was changed so New Yorkers would not be reminded of it. And, indeed, a quick survey of commuters at the Prospect Park subway station, including the booth agent and a train conductor, finds that none of them had heard of the Malbone Street wreck.

Check out the accompanying article for more.

via NYP

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