The Urban Eye: a 1995 Produced Television Special that Looked Back at 80s and 90s Manhattan

New York City is always reinventing itself. As generations of New Yorkers come and go, they each leave their footprint on the City in unique way, while covering up, demolishing, or replacing some of the footprints of previous generations. Every New York era has local historians who document the disappearing city around them with nostalgia. Today we have great local websites such as Forgotten New York and Ephemeral New York, but in the 1990s before widespread internet availability, we had public access television. Check out this gem from 1995 which looked back on a changing NYC at that time, complete with the tacky 90s visual effects you would expect.

Join your host Jerry Rio as he takes you on a nostalgic tour as he explores the disappearing icons of this metropolis and find out what New Yorkers think about unchecked development and the corporate homogenization that has altered and destroyed much of the uniqueness of the New York City landscape.

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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