The Two Chefs Behind the 4-Star New York Times Rated Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi Nakazawa is a small sushi restaurant that has been open for about a year in the West Village. Despite being a newcomer on the New-York-sushi-block, Sushi Nakazawa has the distinction of being one of only 6 restaurants that the New York Times food reviewers have given 4-stars, the highest possible rating. Restauranteur Alessandro Borgognone and Japanese chef Daisuke Nakazawa came together after Borgognone watched the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix, where Nakazawa was an
11-year apprentice to Master Sushi Chef Jiro.

I fell in love with the whole documentary...I wrote down all the credits, I wrote down his name...When I found him on Facebook, I was still not sure if it was him or not...I sent him a message by translating the whole message using Google Translate.

Over the next few months, Borgognone and Nakazawa got to know each other, synced up their ideas for Sushi Nakazawa, and opened up to rave reviews. When the New York Times reviewed the restaurant earlier this month, they said:

The moment-to-moment joys of eating one mouthful of sushi after another can merge into a blur of fish bliss. But almost everything Mr. Nakazawa cups in his hands and places in front of you is an event on its own. A piece of his sushi grabs control of your senses, and when it’s gone, you wish you could have it again. These little events carve themselves into your memory.

Sushi Nakazawa is located at 23 Commerce St. in the West Village of Manhattan.

via CBS This Morning on YouTube

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