"The Scorpion Gesture", November 2018's Midnight Moment in Times Square

Times Square's Midnight Moment is an art initiative by Times Square Arts in which all of the billboards in Times Square synchronize to show an audio/visual art piece at exactly 11:57pm everyday for 3 minutes.

This month's Midnight Moment is a collection of video art called 'The Scorpion Gesture' from Brooklyn artist Chitra Ganesh which is "a rich and colorful phantasmagoria that plays in the intersections of myth and science fiction."

The Scorpion Gesture explores bodies, space, history, and mythologies through disparate visual languages, inviting viewers to seek and consider alternate narratives of sexuality and power — and the untold stories always trying to rise to the surface. The work interweaves elements of five animated narratives that Ganesh created as interventions in the Rubin Museum of Art’s collection galleries, working with animation company the STUDIO NYC to realize her ideas in their fullest form. These animated interventions seek to illuminate and further activate paintings, sculptures, and stories drawn from the life of Padmasambhava, known in Tibetan mythology as The Second Buddha, a figure prophesied to appear in future avatars over the course of millennia at moments when the world stands poised to be consumed by conflict and apocalyptic struggle. With The Scorpion Gesture, Ganesh connects those stories to her view of our contemporary, fraught relationship with technology and politics.

Check out the announcement page for more on 'The Scorpion Gesture'.

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