Nature Abstraction, the Psychedelic Times Square Midnight Moment for March 2017

Nature Abstraction
Nature Abstraction

Times Square's Midnight Moment is an art initiative by Times Square Arts in which all of the billboards in Times Square synchronize to show an audio/visual art piece at exactly 11:57pm everyday for 3 minutes.

This month's Midnight Moment is the psychedelic Nature Abstraction from London-based artist Matteo Zamagni.

Originally created in virtual reality and adapted for the screens of Times Square (a first for the Midnight Moment program), Nature Abstraction dives digitally into the vast complexities of three planets created through fractal formations. Zamagni’s floating fractals, inspired by altered states of mind, represent hidden structures of nature, allowing viewers to explore and view dimensions and biological forms that affect the physical world but are invisible to the eye. Partially processed through Google’s Deep Dream neural network, which recognizes features and creates visual iterations, the landscapes transform into psychedelic patterns and morph into shapes reminiscent of more familiar items like liquid or microchips.

Check out the announcement page for more info on Nature Abstraction.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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