The Roaring Twenties, an Interactive Exploration of the Historical Soundscape of New York City

The Roaring Twenties is an interesting interactive audio/visual website which display all of the vintage noise complaints in New York City nearly a century ago. These complaints are linked with vintage audo and video recordings of similar elements, allowing you to immerse yourself into 1920s New York City thorough its noise complaints.

To construct a context for listening to these historic sounds, the site presents a rich collection of data and documents from the Municipal Archives of the City of New York, testifying to and elaborating upon the problem of noise in the modern city. Aggravated citizens wrote letters to the Mayor and to the Commissioner of Health, describing in sometimes angry, sometimes pitiable tones the noises that vexed them.

Check out the website (Adobe Flash required unfortunately) for more info.

h/t 6sqft

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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