The Pioneers of Bushwick, a Parody Video About Colonization of Bushwick

With a ridiculous name and marketing materials, Bushwick luxury apartment building Colony 1209 is basically begging for this kind of video to be made.

After catching wind about the Colony, the newest outpost in Brooklyn, explorer Davey Boone visits the Bushwick territory to survey the land and determine if it’s prime for colonization. During his travels, he encounters several characters of the new frontier: homesteading Europeans, a seasoned pioneer woman determined to make it on her own, two Black freeman still searching for the lost promises of the American government, and, of course, natives.

The video was created during a “Flux Forward’s Collaborate: Create Cycle 6 residency” and was shared with the world by Brooklyn film producer Elisa Pebbles.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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