The Periodic Table of NYC Trash

One of New York City's more unique experiences is the variety the fragrant odors found on the streets. From cigar butts, soy sauce packets, feces and rotting food, it can be difficult to identify exactly what is hitting your nostrils.

To help you figure it out, writer Molly Young and graphic designer Teddy Blanks created the Periodic Table of NYC Trash, a nifty arrangement of 118 New York City "elements."

Just like the real periodic table, this poster features 118 naturally-occuring elements. The elements are organized by category: Apparel, Beverage, Food, Hygiene, Household, Lifestyle, Municipal, Packing, and Vices.

Check out more about the project at its Kickstarter. The project has already surpassed its goal but if you pledge $40, you get a 23" x 33" print of the Periodic Table of NYC trash for your home.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

Contributing Writer

When he is not attempting to hustle the hustlers of Central Park, Joshua enjoys exploring the depths of what New York has to offer. He one day hopes to pilot a drone without immediately crashing it.

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