The New Yorker Explores Egg Freezing at N.Y.U.'s Fertility Lab

The New Yorker recently published a behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating process of freezing eggs at the N.Y.U. Langone Fertility Center. The focus of the video and accompanying article is to dispel the myth that freezing eggs will guarantee you a successful fertilization years later when the actuality is that your chances of a fertilization decrease rapidly as you age.

A woman’s fertility typically declines by fifty per cent between the ages of thirty and forty; again between forty and forty-two; and, again, between forty-two and forty-four. One option for women who want to wait to have children – which, statistics show, is increasingly the case – is to freeze their eggs until they’re ready to embark on motherhood. Inside N.Y.U.'s egg freezing lab, this is how it works.

If you're interested in fertility, making sure you ask enough questions is so important. Like how do you freeze your eggs? How does IVF work? What is IVF? etc…

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