The Intriguing New York City Street Photography of Iryna Fedorovskaya

Brooklyn based photographer Iryna Fedorovskaya first came to New York in 2002 from the Ukraine. She grew up in a proud family full or artists and musicians, but ended up studying economics instead. She could never draw as an artist, but in 2009, Iryna took a few photography courses and fell in love, as it allowed her the "opportunity to create paintings I wasn't able to produce with pencils or brushes."

She focuses mostly on street photography and has an eye for composition with impeccable timing. Many of her shots feature quick captures of moving subjects and a City in motion, yet they all generate a deep curiosity of the subjects and their New York stories.

Iryna Fedorovskaya was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

How did you start with photography?

My relationship with photography began absolutely occasionally. In 2004 my husband bought first digital camera and just out of curiosity I decided to learn what all these buttons were for. By the time I knew what F- stop means and knew the manual by heart I took billion of images and really enjoyed the process.

How do you choose your subject matter?

When I'm shooting, I move very quickly till find something that strikes me - usually a special light or special spot and wait for the"right" person to appear...Or just take images of interesting people while moving…

What’s your favorite part of NYC to capture?

I love Times Square because it's constantly changing, offering different backgrounds and atmosphere every time I come there.

Check out Iryna's DeviantART for more of her New York Street photography.

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