The Impressive New York City Street Photography of Cory Wingerter

Soho-based photographer Cory Wingerter hasn't been snapping shots of the City very long, but he has an eye for composition and style of a seasoned pro. He started capturing New York City streets in 2013 as a hobby and hasn't looked back since.

Viewing NYC has showcased a few of his photos previously on the site, so we invited Wingerter to share a bit more of his collection. The photographer was also kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

How did you start with photography?

I bought a camera before a vacation with my then-girlfriend (and now-wife) and really enjoyed taking pictures. I spent the following few months learning about the basics of photography and fell in love with what I was making (even though I knew it was 99% garbage). I'm not very good at drawing and can't play an instrument to save my life so photography was my creative outlet. I love the mixing of technology and art that comes with photography.

How do you choose your subject matter?

I rarely set out on a walk to capture something specific but rather just keep my finger on the shutter release and hope for something to come together in front of me. Walking around NYC you really have your pick of anything. There's really just so much going on that you'd miss out on something great if you only set out to shoot people or landscapes. I also try to bring my tripod just in case the situation calls for it. Something that helps me to find my subjects is the phrase "look for the light". Lighting is key to making good photographs so when I look for where the light is falling and see if it's making something interesting.

What’s your favorite part of NYC to capture?

The people. I love love LOVE the people of NYC. It's not specifically the locals, immigrants, lifers, or tourists but it's everyone. NYC would be nothing without the people. Sometimes it's called a melting pot but as an old teacher used to say that implies everything mixes together and becomes uniform. NYC is more like a stew with it's own separate ingredients which flavor the city in its own way.

Check out his website or Flickr page for more New York City street photography from Cory Wingerter.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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