The Hottest Thing in Brooklyn Right Now is a… Pretty Bird?

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Prospect Park's current celebrity is even more stunning in real life than all his pictures.

Prospect Park has a new celebrity resident, and it’s not human.

Bird watchers are “losing their sh–” over a rare bird in Prospect Park. “At least 100 avian enthusiasts a day are showing up at the park’s LeFrak Center to see the Florida tweeter — called a painted bunting — with its multicolored plumage,” […] “A lot of people are losing their s–t over this bird,” [said] a “birding-tour leader” named Doug Gochfeld […] “When I first tried to photograph it, I was literally shaking so much I had to calm myself down to get the shot,” Keir Randall, another bird watcher, explained.

The Painted Bunting is a “near threatened” species, fairly rare and facing a population decline of about 3.2 percent each year since 1966.

Not only is it rare, but also gorgeous too. Have you seen it around Prospect Park?

via Metro

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