The Fort George Amusement Park Used to Exist on the Northernmost Tip of Manhattan

From 1895 through 1913 a large amusement park existed on the northernmost tip of Manhattan called Fort George Amusement Park. Built at the end of the Third Avenue Trolly line, the park was an easy-to-reach destination for many New Yorkers, a getaway uptown from the hustle and bustle of the City.

Over a century ago on the northernmost tip of Manhattan in Fort George, on the same spot where General Washington fought the British, there stood a fantastic amusement park complete with roller coasters, Ferris wheels, a skating rink, as well as fortune tellers, music halls, casinos, and hotels. The Fort George Amusement Park was located in what is now Highbridge Park, on Amsterdam Avenue between 190th and 192nd Streets.

The Museum of the City of New York recently wrote up a great history of the park and shared some vintage photos from their collection. Check out the full article for more.

Matt Coneybeare

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