The Cult of the Chopped-Cheese Bodega Sandwich

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The Cult of the Chopped-cheese Sandwich, New York’s Most Enigmatic Icon
Photo: Andy Hur

Our friends at food and drink blog First We Feast recently wrote up a fantastic ode to the iconic Chopped-Cheese sandwich found all over The Bronx, Harlem and parts of Queens.

The comparison to a cheesesteak is a natural starting point for understanding the sandwich, which on the surface appears to be NYC’s answer to the Philly’s signature export: In place of thinly sliced steak, ground beef is grilled on a flat-top with peppers, onions, and seasoning, chopped with a metal spatula, covered with cheese slices, and dressed with standard-issue condiments like lettuce, tomato, hot sauce, and mayo. A more conservative definition demands that it’s served on a toasted hero, but rolls are a minority option too.

Check out the full article for an in-depth analysis of the Chopped-Cheese sandwich

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