The Best and Worst Subway Lines For Mobile WiFi and Cellular Data Connections

The subway is not a place you expect to connect to the internet, so when you see a WiFi network popup 100 feet underground, it’s like winning the lottery… even if only for 30 seconds.

Researchers at Global Wireless Solutions crunched some numbers and figured out which of subway lines are the best and worst for connecting to the internet via WiFi, cellular data, and both.

New York City subway riders rely on their smartphones for everything from directions to entertainment, to telling the boss they are running late during their daily commutes. Today Global Wireless Solutions (GWS), the leading and independent network benchmarking firm, releases its latest NYC subway testing data that reveals riders of the Q line have been awarded bragging rights – with that line achieving the best overall service on mobile phones.

Takeaways from the full report are:

  • Best Line for overall connectivity: Q Line
  • Worst Line for overall connectivity: 5 Line

  • Best Line for WiFi connectivity: B Line
  • Worst Line for WiFi connectivity: 4 Line

  • Best Line for cellular connectivity: Q Line
  • Worst Line for cellular connectivity: Z Line

How well connected is your line?

h/t Fortune

Matt Coneybeare

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