Tensions Flare as Parks Department Cuts Down 100 Year Old Tree in Astoria

From CBS News:

People in the neighborhood said the Parks Department told them the old tree was rotted and hollow inside. But when they cut it down, it was not hollow at all.

“You didn’t have to be an expert to see, it’s a healthy; a very healthy tree,” said Anna Jutis. Jutis has admired the tree for the 45 years she has lived in the area. Now, she and others are mourning its loss.

Patterson said she was assured multiple times by city officials that the tree would be safe. “Their exact words were, ‘It will never be cut down, because it’s a landmark,’” she said. But now, they are left with a stump, and pieces of the tree as souvenirs.

The story continues, raising questions about the decision making process behind the removal.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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