Take a Look at 1990's NYC With This Vintage Music Video from Japanese Band B'z

"HOT FASHION -流行過多-" B'z (Promotion Video)
"HOT FASHION -流行過多-" B'z (Promotion Video)
Photo: Sudou

Check out this vintage music video from Japanese band B'z to catch a glimpse of New York City in the 90s. From reddit user PlasticGirl:

[…] this music video is part of a larger mini movie called Film Risky that was essentially a music video compilation. A cassette tape falls through a portal or something in Japan and a woman in NYC finds it, and Koshi Inaba has to track it down […]

Between the vintage Chevrolet Caprice taxis and the obsolete cassette tape, the video is blast-from-the-past and a 90s fest preview.

via r/nyc

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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