Take a Live Tour of the Washington Square Arch Interior via Periscope App Today at 3PM

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Washington Square Park
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Washington Square Arch Interior Stairwell

Today at 3PM, the New York City Parks Department of Parks and Recreation will be offering a rare glimpse into the interior of Washington Square Arch through the Periscope App.

NYC Parks Commissioner Mitch Silver will take people live on Periscope inside the arch where you’ll get to see the vaulted attic space, which was once used as a NYC Parks office, and the Guastavino tiling, the famous artisan tiles you’ll recognize from Grand Central Terminal, the original City Hall subway station, Ellis Island and other civic spaces throughout New York City. The spiral staircase leads out to a roof, accessible via skylight doors.

To view the live stream you need to use the Periscope App on your mobile device. Download it for FREE on:

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