Stunning Photograph of the Empire State Building Peeking Above the Clouds

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Empire Sky

Local photographer Jimmy Kastner has been snapping photos of the City since his first major camera purchase in 2004, and has created tons of amazing shots since. Growing up in New Jersey, Kastner has always been enamored with the City skyline, and thus he likes to focus his lens on the Cityscape of Manhattan and it’s iconic buildings.

Kastner captured the shot on Sunday afternoon. “I was at Pier A Park in Hoboken meeting with a client,” the photographer said, “and stayed to take some pictures of the city with the passing storm.”

Every once in awhile, the iconic skyscraper would be visible above the cloud-line. “I kept my eye on the Empire State Building waiting for the spire to poke through the clouds.”

For more New York City photography from Jimmy Kastner, check out his portfolio, Flickr or Facebook pages.

Submitted via Viewing NYC Tips

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