Street Artist Nychos Teams Up With City of Vienna For 10-Foot-Tall Sigmund Freud Skull Sculpture in Flatiron

Street Artist Nychos
Street Artist Nychos

Vienna based street artist Nychos is teaming up with the Vienna Tourist Board to bring a 10-foot-tall sculpture titled "The Dissection of Sigmund Freud" to Flatiron Plaza this June.

For a special three-day installation and immersive experience, he dissects the bust of Sigmund Freud, revealing his brain, and paying homage to the visionary’s inner life as the pioneer of psychoanalysis. The portrayal will take the shape of a hulking ten-foot tall white sculpture of Freud positioned behind and leaning over a couch to sit upon.

The sculpture event will be in Flatiron Plaza for three days starting June 16th @ 6pm. Aside from the art and celebration of both Sigmund Freud and Nychos, there will be contests where you could win a free trip to Austria!

Check out the Vienna Therapy site for more info.

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