Steve Baldwin is the Godfather of Brooklyn's Feral Quaker Parrot Colony

Brooklyn-based writer Robin Silver recently wrote this great profile piece on a man named Steve Baldwin, a 60-year-old Brooklynite with a "lifelong love of all things avian—and the secrets to the city’s mysterious flock of wild tropical birds."

To watch sixty-year-old Baldwin narrate the parrot safaris, which he’s been leading since 2005, is to witness a born performer. His rapport with his audience is perhaps bolstered by his combined decades of experience performing as a musician and tour leader. But what comes through most is Baldwin’s passion for the feral parrot colonies of Brooklyn, and his excitement at being able to share that passion.

Check out the full profile to learn more about Baldwin and the parrots.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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