Staten Island Ferry's John F. Kennedy Ferryboat, the Oldest Operating Boat in the Fleet

Forgotten New York is a website run by native New Yorker Kevin Walsh that documents and calls attention to the artifacts of a long-gone New York.

In a recent FNY posting, the Staten Island Ferry ship “John F. Kennedy” is covered in detail, with tons of history and photographs documenting the oldest operating ferryboat in the fleet.

There is one ferryboat I’m always glad to board. Just as I’m happy to get a Long Island Rail Road M3 trainset, which was instituted in 1972, or R-46 subway cars, which started rolling the same year, I like to be on the John F. Kennedy ferryboat, because it’s the oldest boat in the fleet and retains most of its original design.

Check out the full post for more history and photographs of the “John F. Kennedy.”

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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