Staten Island Ferry to Transform Into a Silent Dance Party This Saturday Night

Silent Dance Party on the Staten Island Ferry, June 2014
Silent Dance Party on the Staten Island Ferry, June 2014
Photo: Quiet Events

Even organizers Quiet Events is hosting a "silent" dance party on the Staten Island Ferry this Saturday, April 11th @ 7pm. The way it works is that once you buy a ticket and head to the meetup point in Fraunces Tavern, you will be given a small media player and headphones to wear over the course of the night that will simultaneously blast tunes to all participants. Thus, you can dance with other "silent" dancers without bothering anybody else.

This City Party Tour starts in Fraunces Tavern. After a few drinks to get us smiling, with headphones on, we make our way to the SI Ferry to take a trip on the Hudson to our party destination a local Staten Island Pub. Here we drink a bit more.. party a bit harder while doing some crazy things (which we can not talk about.. but we’re sure you’ll see on everyone’s Facebook page in the morning). We make our way back to party under the stars in Lower Manhattan.

Tickets start at $15, but there are limited spots available, so get yours now!

via DNAinfo

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