Staten Island Artist Paints the Same Painting of Manhattan Over and Over for the Past 29 Years

Staten Island artist Sarah Yuster has a tradition of painting the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor. Over the past 3 decades, Yuster has created dozens of painting of the same angle from Victory Boulevard, capturing the evolving Lower Manhattan skyline over the years. Notable changes include the World Trade Center, the post-9/11 view, and the construction of 1WTC.

In 1985, as a very young artist in my twenties, I painted the vista from an Staten Island's hilly North Shore overlooking New York Harbor towards Manhattan. It sold steadily in reproduction for years, even more so after the attacks on 9/11.

Alternately constrained and rent by grief, disbelief, fear, rage and soaring empathy for the victims and their loved ones, none of us knew where to go. One tangible location for many was that spot on Victory Boulevard with its’ unique view of the skyline. People gathered there for days to look, understand, and verify.

"Twenty-Nine Years" is acknowledgment of our communal trauma, its aftermath and collective long view.

Check out Yuster's website for more info on the paintings and for some of her other work.

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