Somebody Will Pay Millions for This 4lb Truffle

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That's a normal-size apple, for comparison.

These days, truffles seem to be everywhere. Whether it’s Truffle Burgers, Truffle Ramen or Truffle Whisky Sours, the fungus is no-doubt in high-demand. So when Sabatino Truffles unearthed this 4.16 pound behemoth they knew they had something valuable. The new truffle is the largest ever found, twice as large as the previous largest, and is potentially worth millions.

Sabatino has already turned down million-dollar offers, and instead is auctioning off the truffle at Sotheby’s where the proceeds will go to charity. Bidding starts at just $50,000, but is expected to get into the millions. Will you place a bid?

via Grubstreet

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